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Panelist,  Iowa Arts Summit, "Community Resilience Through the Arts",  August 7, 2020

Selection into the Iowa Telepoem Project, Spring 2020. Below is a recording of her song "What Brings Youse to Bellevue, Then"  that is available at the Telepoem booth in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She wrote it as part of Bellevue's Heart & Soul visioning process. 

Milestone Award for Achievement, Wyoming Writers, 2018

Kansas Notable Book, 2017
High Plains Book, non-fiction finalist, 2014

Interview with Carla Mowell, host of Wyoming My307 podcast. The topic is Wyoming bar culture, and my book Jukeboxes & Jackalopes: A Wyoming bar journey. Released January 16, 2004. 

Interview with Amy Mayer of Iowa Public Radio, released (7/10/2018).  "How Some Small Towns are Achieving Brain Gain." 

Interview with Steve Kraske of KCUR's "Up to Date" program (6/28/17). My portion starts at minute 25 of this podcast. 


Interview with Charity Nebbe of Iowa Public Radio's "Talk of Iowa"  (6/29/16) 

Interview with Micah Schweizer (10/21/16) of Wyoming Public Radio's Open Spaces

Interview with Kaye McIntyre (9/24/2017) of Kansas Public Radio's KPR Presents

Interview with Irina Zhorov (7/12/2013) at Wyoming Public Media about Traveling the Power Line: From the Mojave Desert to the Bay of Fundy. 


Interview with UW News Service about Jukeboxes & Jackalopes and the cultural contributions of Wyoming bars.

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