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Links to selected published work

From the Daily Yonder, about the Decorah eagle webcam
From the Daily Yonder, about my friendship for local public libraries

Piker Press, my essay about obituaries and their subjects, including myself and The Fabulous Jill H. White

From Piker Press, my first published poem in many years. Those Were Our Trees

From the Daily Yonder, my third piece about the 1955 crash of United Flight 409 on Wyoming's Medicine Bow Peak.
Book Review:  Mississippi River: Headwaters and Heartland to Delta and Golf by David Freese and Simon Winchester.

From the Daily Yonder, a piece about the condition of highway rest areas  in the time of Covid. 

From the Daily Yonder a commentary about why voting in person was essential for me. 

From the the Daily Yonder, a personal essay about finding community through a local music jam session.

Book Review: If You Lived Here You'd Be Home by Now, by Christopher Ingraham.

Book Review: One Size Fits None, by Stephanie Anderson.

Book Review: Storm Lake, A Study in Resilience, Diversity and Hope, by Art Cullen.

Keeping the Chautauqua Hills Bountiful Through Hunting. The New Territory, Issue 9, 2020. 

My Inevitable Life in Baseball, published in Daily Yonder, recalls Julianne's fandom for the the KC Athletics, the KC Royals, the Chicago Cubs, and a few semi-pro teams along the way, thanks to inevitable family influence.  

What Westerners Take for Granted is her re-discovery of the importance of public lands now that she's living in Iowa. This story is part of the Writers on the Range column for High Country News.

Restoring a Lost Corridor, is about the effort in Albany County, Wyoming, to purchase 5,500 of land connecting Laramie to the Medicine Bow National Forest.  


"Iggy Slept Here" is about Iggy Pop, Copper Harbor, Eagle Harbor, and filmmaker Dan Kauppi's efforts to film the story of which small Michigan U.P. town can claim the punk rocker as "theirs." Published on in October 2015.


Preserving the Panhandle in Nebraska, published on in 2015, tell the story of a collaboration between landowners, conservation officials, and the public. Together, they've found a way to both open up and preserve many wild areas of the Panhandle to the public and protect it from future development.


It's Our Fault: New Madrid's Claim to Fame, published on in 2014, describes how earthquake tourism forms a central part of this small Missouri bootheel town's economy. 


How it Ended at Medicine Bow Peak, published on in 2009, is an article that still gets many hits and comments. It describes the crash of United Flight 409, which took the lives of 66 passengers, at the time the worst aviation accident in U.S. history.


Rethinking 'Invasive' Species, published by in 2015, asks us to consider how much time, money and energy to devote to invasive plants when other potentially harmful organisms receive little attention.

Floyd Dominy, Colossus of Dams dies at 100. I interviewed Dominy just weeks before his death.

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